Canine Ear Erector


 Dog Ear Erector Tool.  Dog Ear Stand up Support Tool assist in Erecting Canine Ears

Instructions for use of ear patch

Step 1: Wipe the dog's ears clean with a cotton swab, and wipe off the oil in the ears. (Note that the hair in the dog's ears does not need to be reduced)

Step 2: Apply a little medical tape to the ear patch. Please pay attention to this step: the ear patch is divided into the left ear and the right ear, and the tape must be applied to the correct side of the ear patch.

The third part: Put the ear sticks inside the dog's ears. Gently press with your fingers to stick firmly.

The fourth part: If you buy a model with a spacing adjustment strap, finally adjust the spacing of the dog's ears and stick the adjustment strap tightly.


Note: If your dogs ears are inflamed or broken, please do not use ear sticks.


The package includes:

1 piece of dog ear brace

1*Medical tape

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