Dog Ovulation Detector


Dog Ovulation Detector Helps Detect Best mating Time In Female dogs & Can Save Money & Time on Multiple Vet Visits.  Waterproof. Helps in the ID of Silent Heats




Dog Ovulation Detector Tester Pregnancy Planning Breeder Canine Mating & Case

Testing Method:2.6inch LCD Screen
Display Screen:2.6 Inch LCD Screen
Detecting Speed: within 3s
Detecting Range:10-1990 units
Working Temperature:0-50℃
Max. Humidity:85%
Power by:1 * 9V battery (not included)
Material: Plastic, Metal

1. Detecting the Best and Optimal Time for Mating Bitches.
2. Helps to Eliminate the Expense and Time of Repeat Mating of the bitch.
3.Identification of so-called False Heat, Silent Heat and Ovarian Cycle Disorder.
4. Elimination of problems associated with disorders during heat.
5. Effective Time Saving and Reduction of Costly Visits to the Vet.
6. Reduce Financial Costs and Expenses Associated with Multiple Mating.

1. Please clean the probe and probe before use (must ensure the cleanliness of the probe, do not use disinfectant, alcohol and other disinfection products)
2. Fix the dog and insert the probe into the position of the cervix (reference standard: small dog 3-4CM/medium dog 6-8cm/large dog 9-10cm)
3. After inserting, it will be rotated 480 degrees - 720 degrees, fixed position, do not move. Click on the switch, the display will show data, click the switch again, the data will be retrieved. The third click on the switch will result in a third set of data.
(When testing three sets of data, keep the instrument not moving, we recommend using the third set of data)

Package Include:

1 X Dog Ovulation Detector (battery not included)
1 X Carry Case

Item Is Nonreturnable Due to Possible Contamination.