Pet Hair Dryer


Pet Hair Dryer Allows the dog to dry quickly and easily. Dry the dog quickly after the shower to reduce the fear of the hair dryer. 

Reduce the smell of wet dogs, dry dogs after rainy days, and warm dogs after walking in cold winters.

Just place the dog dryer on the dog and connect it to  any dryer to circulate hot air around your dog.

The drying time will vary depending on the size of the dog, the length of the coat and the thickness of the fur. Short hair and/or small dogs take about 10-20 minutes. Large or long-haired dogs may take longer.

Safe and easy to use.


Portable Pet Dry Bag Folding Dog Hair Dryer Blow Bag Grooming Pet Dry Bag Cat Blow S/M/L Product Name: Pet Dry Bag


We have redesigned the product size to make the product more suitable for your pet. If the product size does not meet or cannot be used, we can return it for you free of charge

Material: High-density Oxford cloth + silver-plated film design, strong and durable, good waterproof performance, fast heat dissipation.

Product Specifications:

S: Length 25-40cm, weight 2.5-6.5kg, suitable for medium-sized teddy cats, etc.

M: Length 35-51cm, weight 6-13kg, suitable for medium and large Bichon Fize small and medium corgis

L: Length ≤75cm, weight 13-30kg, suitable for medium-sized golden retrievers such as corgis.

Note: This product is not suitable for large dogs, suitable for small and medium dogs, if you need a large size, you can click this link to buy

Reference aging:

Small S: 8-15 minutes

Medium rice: 10-15 minutes

Large L: 12-20 minutes

Friendly reminder: The power of the hair dryer is not the same as the length of the pet hair.

Times will vary slightly.


Instructions for use: It is recommended to dry with a deerskin towel before use, the drying efficiency is higher

For the first time, it is recommended to transition from low wind speed to high wind speed, do not directly open the maximum

Wind, the temperature can be at medium temperature, and it can be completely dried in normal 20 minutes.

Product features: The pet drying bag is a revolutionary pet product that allows dogs to quickly dry their hair after bathing, avoiding colds and illnesses. The outer layer of high-density Oxford cloth is strong and bite-resistant, and the inner layer of silver-plated film quickly dissipates heat to avoid scalding the dog. Refuse to fly around, liberate the master's hands~

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