Pet Health Monitor - Comprehensive Progesterone & Thyroxine Test Machine



 Pet Health Monitor - Comprehensive Progesterone & Thyroxine Test Machine

Ensure your pet's health with our Pet Health Monitor, a revolutionary device that offers both progesterone and thyroxine testing capabilities. This all-in-one machine includes 20 test strips, with 10 progesterone tests for dogs and 10 thyroxine tests for cats or dogs, making it ideal for pet owners and breeders alike.

**Key Features: **

1. **One Machine, Multiple Tests: ** Our Pet Health Monitor allows you to perform progesterone or thyroxine tests by simply replacing different types of code cards and test strips. This provides valuable data for pregnancy planning and mating assessment, saving you time and reducing costs associated with pet health management.

2. **Superior Accuracy: ** Utilizing an immunofluorescence detection system based on photoelectric detection principles, our test machine offers high accuracy, strong stability, and fast detection speed. Its results are comparable to lab testing, ensuring your pet's health is monitored with the highest precision.

3. **Easy Operation & Fast Results: ** The machine features a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen for easy operation and reading. Simply insert the corresponding code card and test strip, start the test, and receive a high-accuracy result comparable to lab standards.

4. **Large Data Storage Capacity: ** Store up to 3000 test results with date and time stamps. Create a health profile for each pet on the device, allowing you to easily view historical health status and track and monitor your pet's health over time.

5. **20 Test Strips Included: ** Each purchase includes 20 test strips: 10 for progesterone tests for dogs and 10 for thyroxine tests for cats or dogs. 

Ensure your pet receives the best care possible with our Pet Health Monitor. Order yours today and take the first steps.



Type of Screen: 4.3-inch LCD touch screen


Test Way: One Machine with Multiple Tests

Test Items: cProg T4

Result Accurate: High up to 99%

Printer Matching: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Strips: 20PCS

Multi-user Function: Yes

Model Number: Compass3000-1

How to Get Result: Perform the result interpretation on the analyzer

Bluetooth: Yes

Amount of Data Storage: 3000


Easy Operation & Automatic Measurement: Only 4 steps are required for use. Insert the corresponding test card into the card slot, and it will automatically measure.

Quick test: Results are available within 15 minutes.